AMS solves problems and builds structures that create value for rail and commercial clients. With experienced railroaders and developers at the helm, we cut through the noise and quickly pinpoint the heart of an issue to fix the problem or achieve the desired result.

Core values



AMS exceeds safety regulations across the board and, thanks to our low accident rates, pays significantly less in insurance premiums than others in our industry.

Every person on our projects is entitled to a safe and healthy work environment. At AMS, safety is more than a priority — it’s a moral duty.

We work hard to earn and maintain our safety record. AMS’s Construction’s insurance Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is 0.78 — substantially lower than the national construction industry average. Our approach to mitigating risk and safety works! Plus, it allows us to pass savings along to our clients.



AMS maintains a keen client focus. Tightly structured divisions with a clear leadership and task organizational framework ensure that an AMS client never gets “caught in the shuffle,” and always knows who to contact with questions and input.

We value our relationships and our time. We intend to overdeliver on each project, so that when the next job arises, good will and trust make AMS the first call.



True quality can only be achieved with the right equipment, the right people, and the right attitude. AMS has them all in-house. No job, no matter how big or small, is considered complete without a Quality Control review signed off by AMS staff.

We pride ourselves on hard work, dedication, and customer satisfaction. AMS services range from Railroad and commercial construction, maintenance, and disaster response.

“Whatever It Takes, As Long As It’s Safe” is our motto and we stand behind it with a work force ready to move at a moment’s notice.