Disaster Response Services

AMS Disaster Response Services give instant access to professionally-trained teams. We stand ready to counter natural disasters and respond to chemical, biological, and other hazardous emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year-round.

Disaster Response Services

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Derailments, washouts, obstructions, and catastrophic bridge damage are all scenarios AMS has successfully fixed in the past. We have the experience, equipment, and specialty personnel who can respond to any railroad emergency at any time — slow response is not an option.

Storm Teams

AMS Storm Teams provide a turnkey suite of services, including but not limited to heavy and light equipment for standard and high rail, operators, fuel transportation, storage, and power generation. Through pre-event contracts, AMS is used as a strategic partner for Class I railroads in first call storm response. When a major storm starts brewing in the Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic Ocean, we’re prepositioned and ready to get the railroad back up and running as soon as the storm passes with as little offline time as possible.

Disaster Recovery Camps

AMS Disaster Recovery Camp Division specializes in the design, operation, and management of temporary life support facilities for disaster relief operations. We can mobilize and maintain Disaster Recovery Camps in concert with or independent of AMS Storm Teams. These camps can include mobile offices, food services, shower, laundry, restrooms, fuel, and power generation.

At AMS, we understand the urgency of disaster relief operations and are often the first crews on the ground in a disaster-impacted area. With years of experience in emergency mobilization of assets and personnel following a disaster, AMS can rapidly construct and conduct large-scale recovery camp operations within 24 hours of an executed contract.